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Timah (Pesero) Tbk

Tin Mining company national initiated by nationalizing of 3 companies Netherlands in Bangka, Belitung and Singkep Comprising Banka Tin winning Bedrujf (BTW), Gemeenschappelijke minjbouw Maatsschappij Biliton (GMB), and Singkep Tin Exploitate Maatsschappij (SITEM). In 1961 The State Tin Enterprises Coordinating Board (BPU PN Tambang Timah) was established to oversee the three companies, and in 1968 The three State-Owned Companies combined to be one State Corporation (PN) Tambang Timah. PN Tambang Timah changed its status to be a Public Company under the name of PT Tambang Timah (Persero) in 1976, which is fully owned by the Government of Republic of Indonesia.

PT Tambang Timah (Persero) changed the Company’s Articles of Association to be PT Timah (Persero) Tbk in 1995, and in 1998 conducted business diversification by establishing a series of subsidiaries which of them is PT. Timah Industri. PT. Timah Industri has been a crucial expansionary arm of its parent company’s business development.

Initially, PT Timah Industri’s focus is on its principal activities in engineering and manufacturing services. Along with its technological and staunch human resource, the company also ventured into construction services and manufacturing of mining equipment spare parts.

In 2009, PT. Timah Industri has change from enginering and manufacturing industry into Tin downstream industry to support its core business. It has setup a Tin Chemical plant in area Krakatau Industrial Estate Cilegon, Banten with designed capacity to reach 10.000MT annualy, and readily expandable to meet the increasing market demand.

Timah Industri