President Director

As Indonesia’s pioneer in natural minerals and metals resources processing into useable chemicals for industries, Timah Industri remains in an enviable position at the forefront, in spearheading the down-stream activities of the group. As we stand now, ever expanding our global markets and innovative chemical products of specialty additives and stabilizers that serves the PVC, building & construction, textiles, soap, cosmetics. food grade packaging materials, and glass coating industries.

Feel free to drop me your enquiry at: purwoko@timahindustri.com

Agus Zamzam

Director Oprational

What makes Timah Industri special is our fully integrated process engineering and manufacturing infrastructure, namely, the first integrated organotin plant in Indonesia and South East Asia.

With continuous supply of high grade raw materials at our backyard, the consistency, efficiency and reliability that we offer our customers worldwide has provided the confidence of consistent levels of high standards they demand.

Your questions and enquiries welcomed at: agus.zamzam@timahindustri.com

Dwi Hanggono

Director, Finance & Administration

Financial management responsibilities affect all aspects of a business, included our customers. That is why Timah Industri maintains a prudent system of check and balances to ensure that utmost due diligence is carried to avert financial risks whether there may be in the areas of procurement, expenditures, commodities price fluctuations or the volatility of global currency exchange rates.

We also believe in maximizing capital gains, or savings with no disadvantage to our customers wherever they may be located.

Your questions and enquiries welcomed at: dwi.hanggono@timahindustri.com