To support the market’s need upon solder as the biggest market of tin based product. PT. Timah Industri had been able to produce high quality solder into global market. Since then PT. Timah Industri has commitment to invest and improve in equipment and personal skill at the forefront of solder industry.

  1. Timah Industri solder business over various solder product as follows:
  2. Solder Bar Extrude
  3. Solder Bar Casting
  4. Solder Wire
  5. Solder Paste
  6. Solder Powder
  7. Solder Ball
  8. Solder Half ball

Application :

  • IT and communications instruments, such as computer, fax, tablets, smartphone.
  • Big home electric appliance, such as refrigrator, washing machine, air coditioner.
  • Small home electric appliance, such as vacuum cleaner and electric iron.
  • Civic Equipment, such as radioactive ray treatment meter.
  • Vending machine.
  • Toys and entertainements appliances, such video game and sport equipments.
  • Machinaries, such as the electric drill, the welding machine and other.
  • Automotive, such as carradiator.
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