Stannic Chloride

BANKASTANNIC® SnCl4 is a clear, colourless, heavy fuming liquid, provides good ability to toughen glass the largest application of Stannic Chloride. As hot glass is released from the mould into a spray or vapour of Stannic Chloride, a thin film of tin oxide is deposited on the surface of the glass. The film imparts a scratch and scuffs resistance to glassware such as bottles and jars used for food and beverages.

BANKASTANNIC® SnCl4 serves as a chemical intermediate in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, polymers, resins, urethane, pesticides, paint, fungicides, wood preservatives, electro conductive coatings, security alarm glazing and deicing of windshield.

Below is the detail of BANKASTAB spesification :

Physical Properties,

Chemical Names : Stannic Chloride

  • Chemical Formula : SnCl4
  • CAS Number : 7646-87-8
  • Appearance : Clear
  • Colour : Colourless
  • Molecular Weight : 260.5g.mol-1
  • Physical State : Liquid
  • Melting Point : – 33°C
  • Boiling Point : 114.15°C
  • Vapor Pressure : 18 Torr @ 20°C
  • Specific grafity (25°C) : 2.23
  • Purity : ≥ 99.2% min

Application :

  • As an intermediate in the manufacture of organo-tin compound
  • Glass industry: strengthening
  • Coating industry: Electro conductive electroluminescent surface

Handling and Storage

BANKASTANNIC® SnCl4 is highly reactive with moisture. Reaction with moisture will yield highly volatile toxic gas: hydrogen chloride.

BANKASTANNIC® SnCl4 must be handled by qualified personnel wearing appropriate personal protection equipment: breathing apparatus, chemical resistant gloves, googles and protective clothes. See Material Safety Data Sheet for safety and health information.

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